Stu 22 Football Classic- Tournament Information


The registration fee is $275.00 per team. The registration fee is due by Friday, November 4th.

Registration at the tournament site will including:

All fees are due one week prior to the start of the tournament. There will be a $50 fee added to your original tournament fee if you have not paid prior to the tournament date. This is necessary to ensure that schedules and brackets can be completed in advance and will also eliminate teams from pulling out of the tournament at the last minute. Rosters will be submitted with your registration. We will not be able to guarantee a timely check-in if you have not fileld out your roster completely in advance.

All game schedules will be posted on Wednesday afternoon the week of the tournament.

We wil post results after each day of games.


Every team must be officially weighed in prior to their first game. Players can weigh in with pads; however, if you have a player that is close in weight, they will need to have all equipment off prior to stepping on the weight scales. Players will be allowed to re-weigh ONE time only during the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All players over the weight limit will have a strip on their helmet which differentiates ball carriers from non ball carriers.

All weigh ins will be FINAL.

Coaches need to assemble their entire team as listed on the waiver form and then weigh-in as a team. Please allow a minimum of one hour prior to your kickoff to complete the registration process.


A head coach can only challenge that a player exists on that team's roster. All players are checked prior to their first tournament, which means that all players should have a stripe on their helmet. No players will be challenged based on age this is checked during registration. The head coach calls for the challenge from the head official. The game is halted while a tournament committee members reviews the challenge.

All challenges cost $50 cash up front by the head coach who is challenging the player per the requirements above. If the challenge is lost, then the $50 is lost. If the challenge is won, the head coach will keep the $50 and the player will not be allowed to participate during the remainder of the tournament. All challenges must take place during the game and not after the game. CYFL will make a determination on whether this challenge warrants a forfeit or continuous play. Only (1) challenge per game will be allowed per team.

All weight challenges will be based off weigh-ins on the waiver/ roster form. There will not be any re-weigh-ins for any weight challenges in any tournament.


Every team will be required to submit a waiver/ roster form prior to their first game. The roster will need to list all eligible participants, each player's jersey number, and date of birth. All players listed will be weighed and certified as eligible by CYFL staff. Any player who is not on the final roster or who fails to meet the age/ weight requirements for his division will not be allowed to participate.

Each player should have:

  • proof his date of birth (birth certificate); and
  • copy of current grade report

Any player who cannot substantiate his date of birth and current grade level may be prevented from participating. The tournament committee will settle any protest pertaining to a player's eligibility. The decision of the committee is final.


We will enforce a no-tolerance rule for unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind. Only the head coach from each team is allowed to request a conference regarding a conflict with an official. If the head coach has a question regarding a rule interpretation, he may ask for a conference with the official and a member of the tournament committee to determine the proper application of the rule. Any abuse of this policy will result in a delay of game penalty enforced on the team requesting the conference. Judgment calls may NOT be contested. Any person or persons can and will be ejected from the complex if any flagrant abuse is committed. Players, parents, and others who commit any flagrant acts toward officials will be ejected and not allowed to return for any further games. Each head coach is responsible for the actions of the assistant coaches, players, and spectators/ fans for their own team. All CYFL officials will be MSHSAA or other federation certified.


The head coach is required to include the names of his assistant coaches on his roster. Only those assistant coaches whose full names appear on the roster will be allowed to stand on the sideline. The number of assistant coaches per team is limited to (4). All teams will be required to turn in their team roster/ waiver form prior to their first game of the tournament.

Coaches will receive a team check-in card once the team and all paperwork has been checked.


All fans will be required to stay off the sidelines during the game. The home team is designated on the tournament bracket will provide (3) persons for the chains. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their spectators/ fans. Please tell your spectators/ fans they are not to enter the field of play at ANY time and are not to show unsportsmanlike conduct toward the officials or opposition.