Financial Assistance Policy

Due to the overwhelming demand for financial assistance, limited financial aid is available.

In order to best serve all participants in our youth sports program, CYFL will refer all families seeking financial aid to the Day Dreams Foundation or the Voluntary Action Center.

Please see information below for both organizations.

Day Dreams Foundation Scholarship(s)
In order for families to receive a Day Dreams Foundation scholarship, the child must qualify for FREE lunch at school.
To apply, families should do the following:
  • Fill out the application, available to download HERE. Also available to fill out online HERE.
  • Provide at least ONE letter of recommendation for the child from a non-family member. The best letters typically come from teachers, coaches, counsellors, school administrators, case workers, etc. This can be submitted by mail or email to
  • Write a 250-word letter answering the following questions (this can also be submitted to the email above):
    1. Why do you think your child would benefit from the activity you are applying for a scholarship for. Be specific.
    2. Have the child describe his/her dream to you. What do they want to do in the future? Why do they want to participate in the activity?
    3. Tell us a bit about your family.
    4. Tell us a little bit about the child's academics. Does he/she do well in school? What is his/her favorite subject?
    5. Tell us about the child's behavior at home and school.
    6. Tell us a little about your family's current financial situation that led you to apply for a Day Dreams Foundation scholarship. Are you employed? Out of work? Any changes to your recent finances?

Other Requirements

If application is approved, parent/guardian will need to provide the following at a meeting with a Day Dreams Foundation representative:

  • Copy of letter/form from the child's school indicating child qualifies for FREE lunch at school. Or you can provide proof of all family income.
  • Copy of birth certificate or any form listing the child's date of birth to verify age.
  • Completed registration form for the extracurricular of the child's choice.

Community Service Requirements

Children in the program will also be required to complete community service hours, based on their age. Opportunities will be made available by the Day Dreams Foundation, or the child can choose their own service project.

Community Service Hours requirements are as follows:

  • Ages 8 and under: 1 hour per month on scholarship
  • Ages 9-12: 2 hours per month on scholarship
  • Ages 13-15: 3 hours per month on scholarship

Registration Policy:

  1. Please register online at You may also mail your registration fee payments.
  2. Only players who have paid their registration fees in full will be drafted and placed on teams.
  3. A $50.00 late fee may be charged for all late or walk-up registrations.

Equipment Policy: Each year many players fail to return their leased football equipment which unfortunately increases league expenses. In order to reduce equipment losses and to maintain our low registration fees, all parents or guardians of tackle players will now be required to:

  1. Present a paid receipt in order to receive football equipment. No exceptions.
  2. Submit a mandatory $100.00 equipment deposit due upon receipt of leased football equipment. A post-dated $100.00 check or money order, payable to CYFL post-dated to 12/1/20** will be held on file and returned to you when the leased equipment is returned.
  3. Final equipment return is the last Saturday in November.
  4. If you fail to return the leased equipment your deposit check will be forfeited and cashed on 12/15/20** plus you will be billed for the full replacement cost of the football equipment. Player may also be prohibited from participating in future CYFL activities.

For immediate assistance, please contact:
Day Dreams Foundation (573-214-2600) or

Voluntary Action Center- Youth Enrichment Fund

Voluntary Action Center's Youth Enrichment Fund
Provides scholarships for youth activities
Amount available:
$50.00 per child, per 12 month period

Examples of activities funded:
 sports team registration or uniforms
 gymnastics or swimming lessons
 art and theater programs
 music lessons or instrument rental
 summer camp fees

These are just a few examples. If you have a specific need, please contact VAC to see if we can help!

How to apply:
Interested persons must visit the VAC office to apply for a scholarship. Assistance cannot be provided once the published registration deadline has passed. All applicants must bring:
 Proof of income (the program is for low-income families)
 Identification for everyone in the household.
 Proof of address
 The completed registration form for the activity your child will attend, showing the activity cost, the name and address of the business, and the dates of the activity. For assistance with items such as team shoes, bring a price quote from the store where it will be purchased.

Support the Fund:
Donations are always welcome, as the Youth Enrichment Fund is supported entirely by gifts from generous individuals and groups. Even a small amount can make a big difference in a child's life.

Voluntary Action Center
403A Vandiver Drive
Columbia, MO 65202