Is Your Child Interested in Playing Football for CYFL?

Here is some basic information about our league to help you make your decision. If you have other questions, please send them to:

When does the CYFL practice and play?

  • The CYFL season runs from August-October.
  • CYFL teams practice on Cosmo Field Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Typically teams practice 2-3 nights per week for two hours (except K-Ball flag which practices only once per week for 90 minutes). Your coach will share a schedule with you. Typically practice times decrease as the season progresses.
  • Games are played on Sunday between 9am-4pm at Cosmo Field, Rockbridge High School, Hickman High School and, occasionally, in Booneville. Team schedules are distributed in early September.
  • Players may qualify for optional post season play, which requires additional practice and fees.

My child wants to play competitive football?

  • Columbia Colts teams are available for players in the 7th grade. They compete in the Gateway Football League, based in St. Louis.
  • Teams are restricted to 15-35 players (average team is 25). There is no guaranteed play time for Colts players.
  • If selected to participate, families must be willing to travel to games and tournaments.
  • Players not selected will automatically be assigned to the regular CYFL teams.

What equipment is provided and what do I need to purchase?

  • CYFL provides players with state-of-the-art equipment; which includes shoulder pads, helmet with chip strap and mouthpiece, pants with 7 pads, game jersey and league t-shirt valued at approximately $185.00.
  • Families are responsible for providing football cleats (baseball cleats or fine), socks, and a practice jersey. We recommend athletic undershorts with a cup for your son's safety.
  • You get to keep the t-shirt and game jersey after the season ends.
  • All other items must be returned. A $100.00 equipment deposit is required. You will forfeit the $100 deposit and be charged a minimum $150 fee for failing to return any CYFL issued equipment.

What is the cost to participate in the CFYL?

  • The 2015 season registration fee is:All fees must be paid in full prior to the child's first day of practice in order to participate.
    • $200.00 for 7th grade Colts competitive team
    • $135.00 for each player for the tackle division (4th grade through 7th grade)
    • $100.00 for 3rd grade 7-on-7 football
    • $85 for 1st and 2nd grade flag football
    • $65 for K-ball (kindergarten) flag football
  • No equipment will be issued without a paid receipt for registration.
  • You will be asked to participate in a mandatory fundraiser. Buy-out options will be available for families that don't wish to sell items.
  • Additional fees may apply for optional post-season or tournament play.
  • Please note-you registration fee covers approximately 80% of the total cost for your son to play football. CYFL solicits sponsors, grants, and holds additional fund raisers in order to minimize the cost each family pays.
  • All returned checks will be submitted to the Office of the Boone County Prosecuting Attorney for collection, no exceptions.
  • No refunds will be granted.

When is my equipment deposit due?

We ask all players to submit a check for an equipment deposit at the time of equipment check-out. Your spot on a team will not be secured without your equipment deposit. It is $100.00 and is due prior to receiving equipment, without a deposit check the player will not receive any equipment. You may send that check in to us or turn it in at any registration. THIS CHECK DOES NOT GET CASHED unless fail to return your leased equipment.

Why do I have an equipment deposit?

During the past several years, many players fail to return their equipment. Unfortunately, we have decided that an equipment deposit is necessary to help keep your registration fees low. At a cost of over $185 per player to provide equipment and uniforms, equipment losses are an expense that we wish to minimize.

What are the age and weight requirements?

  • CYFL creates teams based on current grade in school. Grades K-3 learn the basics of the game through flag football which requires no tackling, helmets or shoulder pads. Grade 4 transitions to tackle football and focus on learning the basics. Grades 5-7 continue to develop their football skills and knowledge through regular practice, scrimmage and games.
  • The CYFL enforces a weight limitation rule which ensures the safety of players. Each grade level has a maximum weight limit. Players that exceed this weight at the start of the season are not allowed to carry the ball at any time. These players are given helmet markers which indicate their ineligibility to carry the ball.
  • Break-out by Grade:
    • Kindergarten: K-Ball flag football-focus is on learning the basics of football through one day/week of practice and/or scrimmage.
      • Minimum 6 plays per half per game
      • No weight restriction
    • Grades 1-2: Flag football-focus is on learning fundamentals: rules, plays, sportsmanship and discipline through regular practice and games.
      • Minimum 6 plays per half per game
      • No weight restriction
    • Grade 3: 7-on-7 football focuses on learning proper techniques, basic plays, and safety.
    • Grade 4: Instructional tackle football which focuses on learning proper tackling techniques, basic plays and safety. Coaches are on the field during games and rules are modified.
      • Minimum 6 plays per half per game
      • Weight limits: 100 lbs for Grade 4
    • Grades 5-7: Junior and Senior Tackle football continues to develop player skills, sportsmanship, and game progression. Coaches remain on the sideline. Punt returns, field goals and extra points are allowed.
      • Minimum 6 plays per half per game
      • Weight limits: 115 lbs for Grade 5; no weight limit for 6th and 7th grade
    • Grades 7 Competitive Colts Football: select teams that require a try-out, participate in the Gateway Football League, which requires some travel and tournament play.

Is football safe?

  • Football is a contact sport and there are dangers associated with any physical activity. The CYFL takes every measure to ensure the safety of all its players.
  • The CYFL has adopted the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Coaches Code of Ethics and the Coaches Accountability and Enforcement policies created by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS). All of our coaches and volunteers are subject to a back ground screening, receive training and evaluation.
  • Athletic trainers from Columbia Sport & Spine at every practice and game to assist with any minor medical issues and ensure proper techniques are used.
  • Through football your son will learn many life skills including sportsmanship, teamwork, determination, listening, respect, winning and losing with dignity, value of good grades, self-esteem and discipline.
  • In interview with USA Football Torrey Smith, a wide receiver from the University of Maryland, said youth football teaches lessons that transcend the game. "You get to build relationships, and you get to learn how to associate around your peers," Smith said. "You learn a lot of different things. It helps you develop your social skills in order to carry you on past the game."
  • Read the full article here:
  • See how successful adults use what they learned from playing youth football:
  • Studies show that children who participate in sports are less likely to smoke in high school, have better grades and less truancy, better self-esteem and develop lifelong fitness habits (

Can I coach or help with the team?

  • Yes! Our league is staffed by volunteers. There are many ways that you can participate.
  • Learn about coaching opportunities and requirements.
  • Each team has a Team Parent who assists the coach in communicating team schedules, league activities, and developing team spirit. Click here if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.
  • If you can't commit to either of these roles, there are still lots of ways to help. Please sign-up for our CYFL newsletter to stay abreast of current opportunities.

Why do have to participate in League Fundraisers?

  • The Fall Fundraiser is the primary source of revenue to fund the purchase of new equipment.
  • Each CYFL family is expected to participate in the fall fundraiser. Those who wish may purchase a $30 fundraiser buyout.